Monday, February 26, 2018

Boosting Sleep for Internet Marketers

If you’re a full-time internet marketer, then there’s a good chance that you are fully self-employed and that you work from home. This is one of the truly great advantages to this kind of work and it’s amazing the freedom that it affords you.

Problem is that it can actually end up being a little bit too much freedom for some people. That is to say that you can find you miss the regimented nature of working for someone else in some ways and find that this impacts on your life in some negative ways.

One of the big ones? Finding yourself waking up at 10am or later every day and ending up working all night as a result! If you want to be as productive as you can be and have the time to enjoy your life outside of work, then you need to fix yourself to a more rigid structure.
Here are some tips on how to do that…

Consider Supplementation

Certain supplements can give you a massive boost in performance and able you to accomplish much more as a result. One such supplement is magnesium threonate, a form of magnesium that more readily reaches the brain. The reason this is so good for sleeping, is that magnesium can relax the body and is also known to make people drowsy. The magnesium in milk is one of the things that makes it a great sleeping aid! It also enhances learning, so that’s no bad thing!

Regulate Your Temperature

Temperature can be one of the big challenges when trying to get to sleep and stay there. One way to somewhat fix this problem is to make the room cooler, as we tend to sleep better when it is cool rather than hot. Another life changer is to have a bath just before you go to bed. This will help to relax the muscles again, as well as regulating your temperature better.

Use a Daylight Lamp

A daylight lamp is a light that comes on gradually in the morning as an alarm clock. Better yet, the light that these produce is a closer wavelength to the light produced by the sun. This means that it will help you to gradually come around in the morning and stir you out of sleep. Better yet, when you do wake up, it will be light – thus making it easier for you to get up and reducing the amount of ‘sleep inertia’ you face.

Take Time Out Before Sleep

Another tip is to take some time out before bed. Specifically, we’re talking about time out from work and from phones, computers and other technology that creates light. This also creates light similar to that from the sun but in this case, that’s bad news because it’s night time. In short, this upsets your biological clock making it harder to get to sleep and this is made worse by the fact that we associate technology with work and shooting things! Avoid it and read a book instead for 30 minutes.

How to Enjoy a Life of Adventure as a Digital Marketer

Being a digital marketer has a lot of advantages over other, more traditional forms of work. Among these one of the most notable is the fact that you’ll be able to work from anywhere. That in turn gives you the freedom to travel and explore all while still earning money and if you’re like many people, then you may be interested in using that freedom to become what is known as a ‘digital nomad’.

This is someone who travels the world and stays in hostels and cheap hotels and works online in order to afford their adventures. This is an amazing way to see the world and to live life to the absolute fullest and it’s one of the only ways you can truly enjoy freedom.

But it’s not perfect and it’s not for everyone. For starters, working online while travelling presents some unique challenge. You’ll struggle to find WiFi at times for instance and sometimes you’ll want to go out with the group of people you’ve just met but you’ll be forced to stay back and work.

Then there’s the fact that you’ll never be able to take a long warm bath, to maintain relationships, or to sit down and play Xbox.

No, this is not for everyone. But there is a way you can enjoy a life of adventure and travel even without going full digital nomad…

The Halfway Option

The solution is to take lots of smaller trips rather than going on one, unending journey. This might mean that you go on 5-10 holidays in a single year and work while you’re there but that you come home in-between. Or perhaps it might mean you go on three month-long trips.

Using these strategies, you won’t miss your family so much, you’ll still have opportunities to grow your business and you can come home to recharge your batteries in between amazing adventures.

This is something I do a lot. Last year I went to Portugal, Italy, Germany, Spain and Switzerland, all on different trips. In Switzerland, I visited a fellow internet marketer and we worked together in a beautiful chalet on the side of a mountain. During the day’s, we hiked up mountains and found areas that were completely still and quiet. During the evenings, we worked by the fire with a few drinks and with views of mountains in the distance. One day I sat in a cool library in Germany and created a virtual reality app for a client, again with mountains behind me and a delicious cup of coffee. There are few better ways to work!

Another option you could take, would be to go on more local trips. Instead of traveling to other countries, how about visiting amazing places near you?

Or how about working in a different, exciting locale every day?

There are tons of ways to explore your freedom as a digital marketer that don’t necessarily have to do with giving up your home and creature comforts!