Saturday, September 29, 2018

Email Marketing Masters

Hot new Launch

Email Marketing Masters is a viral mailer that actually helps to create compelling subject lines and copy for your emails.  Yes, even if you feel like you don't know how to write.

What holds back many beginning online marketers is that they haven't mastered the fundamentals of writing compelling copy, or they doubt themselves.  They end up using the swipe email copy provided by the program they are promoting.

Then they don't get results because their emails look like everyone else's.  Sameness = lack of attention from the market.

Email Marketing Masters will help because it uses proven templates and rules to help you craft unique and compelling emails and subject lines.

We all know that sending "canned" swipe emails that are the same as everyone else doesn't get the attention of the reader.  Neither does using the same subject lines provided by the program you are promoting.  It is a recipe for low click through and even lower signups.

Email Marketing Masters will send your email to thousands, but also help you write it using proven copy-writing templates and techniques.

You can even take the copy it creates and use it elsewhere.  Of course, if you belong to the Your Viral Network mailers, you can send it to all of them from Email Marketing Masters too.

If you want better results, then this is the ticket.

The launch will also be an amazing opportunity to build your list by promoting your referral pages.  50% commissions too.  If you want to join the legion of people who have built lists and profited then now is the time.

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Tuesday, September 25, 2018

Planning Your Email Marketing?

Your best chance of success with email marketing is to create a plan based on the products that you want to promote. It all starts with your product funnel, which leads to your content marketing plan, which leads to your email marketing calendar. All email marketing should be focused toward promoting your products and/or services and that requires planning. The following steps will help you increase the results of your email marketing.

Craft a Working Product Funnel – You probably already have various products and services, but you may not have designed a product funnel yet that helps you understand how everything is interconnected and works together. Understanding this can help you keep your different lists and promotions in order.

Design Sales Pages for Each Product – Each page should tell your audience the benefits of purchasing the product. Remember a sales pages focus is on the audience, not on you. Benefits over features, always – pretend you are the client and answer all the questions and concerns they might have right on the sales page.

Start Appropriate Email Lists for Each Product– Using your autoresponder, create the lists for each product or service that you will promote. At the minimum you will want a general email list for people who visit the front page of your blog and then two lists for each product you sell. Create one list for people who purchased the product and one list for people who just want more info about the particular product. Name them appropriately so that you know where to put the messages based from where the audience joins your list.

Develop a New Product Launch Calendar – Knowing when each product is being launched for new upcoming products and or services will help you identify which lists you can include the announcements and information on. Plus, it will remind you to create new sales pages, lists, blog posts and email marketing messages for each new product.

Create a Blog Post Publication Calendar
- Based on the product launch calendar, write blog posts and set deadlines for them to be scheduled. Ensure that some blog posts promote the various sales pages, and other blog posts are designed for those who purchased already. For each message, consider who will see it and where they come from.

Create a Social Media Content Publication Calendar – Develop social media messages in a series based on your blog posts that will attract your readers to click through to your sales pages and purchase or sign up for your email lists.

Create an Email Publication Calendar - Based on how everything works together above, create a series of emails that you can edit appropriately for each separate list that you may want to promote the new product to. Load them into the right auto responders, ensuring they link to the right sales pages depending on the audience they are sent out to.

Craft Follow-Up Messages – Don’t forget to craft all your follow-up messages too for each product that you sell. Once sold, you will want to keep in contact with the customer who bought it so that you can market future products and services to them.

By creating a plan of action to follow, you can make sure every single time you launch a new product that you can cross-promote other products and services without bombarding your list too much with messages they don’t need, thus increasing your conversion rates exponentially. If all the content you create goes together like a puzzle to promote all of your products and services in a seamless way, it’ll be that much easier each time to set up for each new product.

Saturday, September 22, 2018

Do You Need Social Media in Your Business?

Social media has become a marketers dream come true. When it first hit the scene a few years ago, you mostly found people chatting about their interests, connecting with people who had the same past-times and writers looking to connect. Business owners soon realized their audience was getting on board with social media, and the rest, as they say, is history.

Social media can be a scary thing though. It can also take up a lot of valuable time. You may be wondering if you need to even bother with it. Here's some quick answers to determine if it's a good fit for you and your business.

Do you need social media in your business?

If you have enough business to last you until you retire, the answer is no. But let's be honest, do you have that much business? Do you want your business to grow or possibly stall out? It's true that it's easier to keep and please existing customers than it is to find new ones, but if you aren't on social media, you're missing a lot of opportunities to get new customers.

You also need to ask yourself this; can you really have too many customers? It never hurts to keep bringing in new ones. This is how a business grows and expands.

If you don't want to grow your business, the answer is no. Who wants a business that doesn't grow? The whole reason for starting a business is to grow it, right? Without business growth you will never see the success you desire.

In the past, businesses could rely on word-of-mouth, but these days that isn't enough. Having a good social media presence can work like word-of-mouth if your followers share your content with their followers. However, you need to create a compelling social media status that people enjoy and want to share. A few hot tips about your business has the opportunity to go viral.

Can you afford traditional advertising methods? If the answer is no, then using social media is the cheapest way to advertise your business. It does take time, but as your business grows you can pay for advertising through social media outlets and extend your reach even further.

Do you have a faster way to interact with and answer customer questions? Social media is a great place to get feedback from your customers or your potential customers. You can answer questions and get to know them on a more personal level. Personal service is extremely important to people these days. You can build a life-long customer relationship simply by making people feel that they matter, they are important and that you desire to cater to their needs as best you can.

Many people claim that you're not just building a business, you're actually building relationships. This is a true statement and the best way to gain loyal customers. Taking your business entity to social media is an excellent way to build those relationships.

More and more people are looking for their favorite brands and products on social media than they are looking for just a website. If they can find you on social media, chances are they will click on through to your website to find out more information.

Social media can do wonders for many businesses. Use the above information to decide whether it's the thing for your business. Chances are your business can benefit greatly from being on and using sites like Facebook, Twitter and Google Plus. Another site, specifically aimed at businesses and business people is LinkedIn. Be sure to check out those sites to see how similar businesses are utilizing their existence and reaching their customers. This will help you decide if it's a smart move for you.

Friday, September 21, 2018

Top Ten Home Business Ideas for Parents!

Internet Marketing Alpha

Parents have to make special considerations when it comes to starting a home business. They need to be able to work without punching a clock or having to available at particular hours, otherwise they’ll have to get a babysitter. Parents who want to start a business from home may have special challenges if they don’t want to hire help. But, it’s not impossible. In fact here are the top ten home business ideas for parents that don’t require clock punching, or answering to anyone but yourself.

1. Stock Photographer – Stock photography is used in numerous applications, from websites and blogs to print ads. The demand is quite high for good and unique photographs to use for these reasons. Therefore, most stock photography companies allow independent contractors to upload pictures for sale on their websites. You can also start your own website offering the images for use.

2. Graphic Designer – Designers are needed everywhere; the demand is high. If you’re good with using creative software to make webpages, advertisements, banners, book covers (eBook and paper) and more, you can work for many companies at the same time performing these services. While it's deadline based, you can still work at 3 am if you need to.

3. Freelance Writer – As a freelance writer there are many different opportunities today based on your skill level. You can write for so-called content mills, individuals looking for writers, as a copywriter writings specific sales copy, or you can write for yourself and publish your own books as PDFs or via Kindle Direct Publishing.

4. Arts and Craft Seller – If you’re artsy and like creating art, you can do more than just create. You can sell, and you can make bank. Sites like,, and make it easy for individuals to upload pictures of their work to sell. You are responsible for shipping it on time, and you’ll give a percentage of sales to the website you list on. You can also start your own website but usually you’ll make sales faster working through an established and trusted venue.

5. Amazon Seller - Fulfillment by Amazon has started a trend in individuals selling both new and used merchandise through their service. Leaning how to sell on Amazon can take a little time but there are people who are making six plus figures doing it, and you can too. This is something you can do on your own time, with your children in tow.

6. EBay Seller – Selling on eBay is a little harder than the other choices, but many people do it successfully as a full-time job. If you have access to the right products, you can do it too. Again, this is something you can do on your own time. The only thing that might take a lot of work on your part is packing and shipping.

7. Life Coach – You’ve seen a coach at a football game, but did you know that some people hire “life coaches” to help them with everyday life? Some people need help with parenting skills, whilst others need help getting through a life challenge like divorce. You can become a life coach with no experience. The hardest part is setting up the process, marketing your business, and getting new clients. There are also courses that you can take to help.

8. Lifestyle Blogger – You’ve likely seen the movie, “Julie & Julia” right? Well, Julie started out as just another blogger, blogging about her adventures cooking from Julia Child’s cookbook. She became very popular, sold the rights to her story, and a movie was made. She made money off the deal, of course. Today, bloggers blog about all sorts of things and earn money through advertising, affiliate marketing, and product promotions. You can, too.

9. Herb Gardner – This work-at-home business takes a little time and work, but it’s healthy, the children can help, and you can make about 60K a year from your back yard if it’s allowed in your area. You can sell at farmers’ markets but you can also sell directly to restaurants if you plan and market right.

10. Online Teacher – If you have a degree in teaching you can teach at online K-12 schools right from home. You can also, if you have at least a master’s degree, teach college courses online. What’s really great is most of the time you can sign on when you want to, from anyplace with an internet connection to do your job, as long as you meet certain minimums.

Working from home is often a parent’s dream. They can be near their kids, not have to work by someone else’s clock, and still earn enough money to not only pay for needed items but the wanted items as well. What could be better?

Thursday, September 13, 2018

10 Advanced Tips To Rev up Your LinkedIn Profile!

If you're not getting the results you want from your LinkedIn page, try these 10 advanced tips to rev up your LinkedIn profile and make it work harder for you!
1. Are You Publishing Yet? Another great new feature is that any LinkedIn member can now publish their content on LinkedIn and promote it via either their Company Pages or Personal Profile. While most still tend to post only company related news or PR - think outside the box and publish industry related news, Op Edpieces, white papers and infographics. Publishing a news piece about a company that you would like to do business with is a great way to open the door for dialogue!
2. Track The Content Thats Trending! This is relatively new tool, just launched in spring of 2014, and not widely used at all yet, but certainly worth your attention! Trending Content spotlights the most popular content being shared all over LinkedIn. While its a great way to stay on top of events and news in your industry - its also a fantastic way to share the spotlight with the trending stories by adding your two centswith pertinent comments.
3. LinkedIn Ads - Pricey, But Worth It. Laser focused, targeted advertising is possible with LinkedIns Ad platform, but be cautious and monitor your ad spend closely, as that targeting comes at a hefty price tag. But remember who you are targeting: the CEOs and top decision makers in the company. One deal may be all you need to cover the cost of the campaign.
4. Create Your Own LinkedIn Group. LinkedIn Groups are a great way of reaching out to people that you would like to connect with - create a group and invite them to join! As a LinkedIn Group administrator, you can email your group members up to once per week. This lets you establish a relationship with your group members, while also establishing yourself as an authority or thought leaderin your field.
5. Use Pulse to Track Industry News. LinkedIn's Pulse lets you follow specific people, companies, influencers, publishers or channels. Get their attention by commenting and interacting with them via their content. Send someone you want to connect with an InMail, with a few well thought out comments about their recent article - and you will get a response back 99 times out of 100!
6. LinkedIn - The Ultimate Lead Funnel. LinkedIn can be a goldmine of business owners that are ready to invest in solutions to their problems, whatever they may be! From SEO to website design, app development to manufacturing equipment, spend some time putting together a logical sales funnel to maximize your prospecting efforts on LinkedIn. Start with an entry level product or service to build trust, then have a full menu of additional products and services you can follow up with after the initial sale.
7. Joint Venture Heaven! I am always amazed that people dont realize what a goldmine of potential JV partners LI is! Keep an open mind no matter who you are connecting with on LinkedIn - they may not be a great fit for the product or service you are selling - but are your products compatible? Can you share resources or put together a package deal to sell to both companies customers? Always be looking for new ways to expand your reach into new markets!
8. LinkedIn for The BEST Leads. On a tight budget, so LinkedIn ads are not a good option just yet? Then take advantage of the many free options available to you on LinkedIn. With the highest visitor-to-lead conversion rate of any social network, LinkedIn allows you to share links to your landing pages in your status updates, and on your Company/Showcase pages. You can also include them (when appropriate!) in your group posts and LinkedIn's publishing platform. The key is the phrase when appropriate- dont ever spam your contacts or groups just to get your links out there - it doesnt work.
9. Find Out What Your Potential Customers Are Thinking! Although LinkedIn no longer offers the group Polls feature - you can still ask questions in groups to get peoples thoughts and opinions on current topics, industry issues etc. Its a great way to start a conversation with possible customers, and to focus in on what your potential markets real issues and pain points are.
10. Let Your Company Pages Be Your Company Showcase. LinkedIn offers so much more flexibility then most social marketing sites: you can create multiple pages, each specific to a division, product or service within your company. Each page can promote a specific product or service. Create pages specific to each vertical or market segment you service, so you can direct interested parties to the correct page on LinkedIn.
I hope these ideas get you started on LinkedIn - its one of the best places online to connect with the true heavy hittersand decision makers at virtually company or in any industry..anywhere in the world.

Saturday, September 8, 2018

SociJam is live - Get More Engagement On Your Facebook Posts!

We all love FB.  (Well most of us…) But what I don’t like (and maybe you too)

is how you don’t really have that much control over how your posts on FB look.

You’d think by now with FB being a rival to Google, that they’d at least figured

out that people want to make amazing looking posts, stories, and ads without

that crappy background they give you.

SociJam has basically taken FB posts and given it a serious makeover like

the fairy god-mother did for Cinderella.

In other words, your FB posts can draw attention like the sexy models

walking the runway at the FB fashion show!

Here’s just a snippet of what SociJam is all about when it comes to creating

engaging eye popping posts, stories, and ads on FB:

Add bold, italics, underlines, emojis and more! Copy/paste simplicity

Works on all major browsers and  devices Tap into massive potential you have

been ignoring Boost engagement on your posts in seconds

Works in posts, featured posts,

comments, groups and even Facebook


100% Facebook compliant

Unlimited posts, ads, or comments Visually entice your visitors to take

action Nothing to install or host, all done in the cloud No designing or coding skills required 100% newbie friendly

Listen, isn’t it time we bring the sexy back to our FB posts? (Actually, it never was there

to begin with, but I digress…)

And that’s what SociJam will do.

Consider it your wingman (or wingwoman) for hooking you up and getting you noticed by

the right people and prospects in your market/niche.

But all without being a super annoying third wheel.

Friday, September 7, 2018

How to Use A Custom Domain In Blogger From GoDaddy

If Your Looking To Connect a domain to your blogger site then check out this video by Praveen Gosain he does an awesome job explaining the process. Easy as one,Two ,Three.