Monday, December 28, 2020

5 Freelancing Ideas for Detail-Oriented People



freelance ideas


Are you a detail-oriented person looking for home-based business, or freelancing ideas?

Here are five that could be a great fit for you if you are a detail-oriented person.


1. Freelance Bookkeeping


If you are a detail-oriented person and like working with numbers, then starting a bookkeeping business could be a fantastic option for you.


Small businesses all need good bookkeeping help, but most don't have the budget to hire a bookkeeper full-time, which leaves a huge opportunity for those who have bookkeeping skills.


Of course, to be good at bookkeeping you need to be meticulously detail-oriented and enjoy working with numbers. But the huge benefit of this type of business is it's a recurring service, which means recurring income.


Most bookkeeping is done on a monthly, on-going basis. This is good news because you can establish a relationship with clients and potentially work with them for years as I did with my diaper bag business client. That helps make your income much more predictable.


2. Proofreading


If you have an eye for detail, then proofreading is a fabulous way to earn money from home.

Think you can't make decent money proofreading? Think again!


Will you get rich proofreading? Probably not. But we're not talking about getting rich we’re talking about finding work that allows you some flexibility, no commute and the ability to be more present for your family while earning a living.


3. Virtual Assistant


Virtual assistants (VA’s) are in high demand. You can specialize in areas that compliment your skills. For example, you can be a technical VA, a VA who does writing, a social media VA, or a general VA that does a variety of tasks.


Being organized and detail-oriented are key skills you need to succeed, especially if you are juggling multiple clients, which many VA's do.


4. Resume Writer


Do you love updating your resume and helping others jazz up their resume? Most people find this an overwhelming, but necessary task. 


Resume writing requires meticulous attention to detail. The last thing you want to do (or have a client do) is submit a resume with typos and spelling errors. There is a definite level of creativity that goes into resume writing as well.


If this type of work interests you, you can always start by doing resume writing for a company to get your feet wet, or you can launch your own home-based business as a resume writer. Obviously, it will take some time and a lot of networking and marketing to get clients flowing in, but you can do it.


5. Freelance Writer


With all the content marketing happening on the internet these days, there is a huge demand for good content writers and copywriters. Even brick-and-mortar businesses are using blogs and email marketing to reach their customers and acquire new ones.


This is where you could use your fabulous writing skills and detail-oriented skillset to earn a living.

It will help you to market your writing services if you have a particular style of writing or a niche in mind. 


Do any of these businesses appeal to you?


There are a ton of other side hustles, home-based business ideas and remote jobs that you could pursue with your detail-oriented skill set. This is a small sampling of home-based business ideas to get your creative juices started.

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