Sunday, February 14, 2021

Money Up Your Lead Magnet



Take a look at the lead magnet you’re currently using. The first thing I want you to do is really look at it and decide if it’s still the best option for the type of subscribers you’re trying to get on your list. Is the topic of interest to them? Is it up to date? 


If it isn’t as good as it could be, start by improving it, or if you need to start from scratch. If you need something different, but don’t have the time or desire to create it from scratch, you have options. You can take a series of blog posts you’ve already written and repurpose them into a new lead magnet. Or grab some quality PLR. 


Once you have an opt-in freebie you’re happy with, it’s time to money it up. Yes, you heard that right. You can make money from something you’re giving away freely. There’s no need to wait until people are subscribed on your list and you’ve warmed them up. 


If you’re not making your first offer in your lead magnet, you’re leaving money on the table. And that money may make the difference between losing money and making money when you’re using paid methods to grow your list. 



Find a product that’s very closely related to the content of your opt-in freebie. 


Ideally you want it to complement what you’re talking about in your freebie, make it easier for your readers to accomplish what you’re talking about, or help them take the next step. 


For example, if your lead magnet is about setting up your first blog, you could recommend a hosting company. If your report is about curating content, you could recommend some software that makes it easier to find and curate posts. 


If you’re teaching your subscribers how to write their first Kindle book, you may recommend software that helps them format it for Amazon, or create a cover for the finished book. 


Once you have figured out what you want to promote, read through your report and figure out where it makes sense to work in the offer. You want to include it more than once. At the very least, mention it once or twice within the content and then finish the lead magnet with a strong call to action to buy the product. 


If you can offer them an exclusive, time-sensitive deal even better. If it’s your own product, set up a special coupon. If you’re promoting an affiliate product, talk to the product creator and see if you can work out some sort of coupon or special deal. It’ll be well worth it since this is something every single new subscriber will get to see. 


Which brings up a good point. The reason it’s so profitable and important to promote a quality product in your lead magnet is because you have your subscribers’ full attention. 


They just singed up. They are highly interested in what you have to say and actually take the time to download and read your report. No better time to get in front of them with a good offer.

Monday, February 8, 2021

4 Types of Affiliate Marketing Books That Will Help Build Your Business


Affiliate marketing

When you’re learning how affiliate marketing works, you can’t just rely on typical “affiliate marketing courses” to get you to the advanced levels you need to go for the big bucks.

You want to begin studying some more specialized topics that help you soar above the competition, garner more traffic and ultimately convert into more sales and higher commission tiers.

There are four areas of expertise that you need to focus your efforts on – 


List building

Social Marketing

and Trends. 

Once you’ve mastered all four of these elements, you’ll be amazed at how much growth you have.

Blogging is important to learn as an affiliate because most people simply learn the basics of setting up a blog and then never go further with their knowledge. It’s not enough to simply know the technical details of blog set up and then slap some articles onto a blog.

You want to know advanced strategies. This includes things like plugins which help your blog operate better in the world of SEO, elements that achieve the best navigation and communication for your audience, and more.

Bloggers should always be learning about content strategies for their blog – it takes more than a review with links to become an authority in your niche, and even as an affiliate blogger, that’s what you want to be.

List building is something far too many affiliate ignore. They’re simply after that initial click through and they miss out on years of potential sales making this mistake. Take the baby niche, for example.

There are endless opportunities to cater to that parent’s needs in the niche – because you can promote baby care items initially, then toddler toys, home d├ęcor for the room, furniture from crib to bed, and more.

You want to know the technical details of list building, but also gain insight into how to grow your list, how to make the subscribers more responsive, and more. There’s a lot to learn and implement.

The third thing you want to study up on is social marketing. There are dozens of books on this topic – and they teach you how to utilize free traffic opportunities like Facebook, Google Plus, and Twitter, to increase your affiliate sales.

And if you plan to branch out or expand your niche, then you’ll want to buy books about spotting trends. Eve if you stay in just one niche, it’s important to understand how you can keep an ear to the ground and get an edge over your competition using trend data to dominate.